How to Protect Your Music Gear from Breaking

If you have a superb audio experience at home chances are you have invested more than a thousand dollars in the system. There are many devices that go into ensuring that you get the best audio experience at home. It even gets worse for music bands and musicians that have to invest in many items that are worth so much more.

It’s imperative therefore that you protect your investment. Most of the problems that many people face with their music gear can be avoided. Here are some common causes of damage to your gear and how you can avoid them.

Some Causes of Damage to Your Music Gear

Water and Excessive Moisture – this is one of the biggest causes of damage to music gear. Even the best music gear made for home use is not resistant to damage by water or moisture unless it is specifically waterproof made. It is important therefore to keep your music gear away from water and excessive moisture.

Water causes metal parts to rust and makes wooden parts to warp, crack and rot. It can also cause the interior parts of the music gear to short when connected to power.

Heat – another very damaging factor to music gear is heat. The best speakers for music, headphones and all other electronic gear have parts that are joined using glue. Exposing the gear to a lot of heat can cause this glue to melt causing the parts to disconnect. Overheating of the music gear can also cause the same effect.

Insects, Bugs and Pests – another nuisance that could cause damage to your music gear is insects and pests. This usually happens to gear that you might not be using often or that which is in storage.

However it can also happen to the gear that you use every day since it only takes a minute for a pest to chew wires and cause irreparable damage. Some bugs may also burrow in wood causing your music gear to break.

Falls – your instruments can break if they fall. This can be caused by improper setup. Music gear that vibrates for instance bookshelf speakers, subwoofers and others should have holders that keep them in place. Also, the stands for speakers and other of your music gear should be reliable otherwise the speakers will fall over and break.

How to Protect Your Music Gear from Breaking

Well to protect your gear from breaking you should ensure that it is properly stored, it is protected from elements like heat, water and moisture, and it is dusted once a month to reduce accumulation of dust. Further you should always ensure that your music gear is getting the correct electrical load.

Overloading your music gear or not providing enough power can cause malfunction or cause your gear to break. For gear that might need storing you should buy cases that protect your items when in storage. With just a little care most of the music gear you have at home can last you for a long time.

How to Move Beyond Cheap Earbuds

If you are in the market for earbuds then you must have come across so many brands some way cheap than others. You might be wondering which ones you should get and whether the really expensive ones are worth the money. The earbuds market is one that can be really confusing.

There are so many designs to choose from and you will find exact looking designs at very different pricing. So which one is which? Most people are unable to figure things out and end up buying the cheap ones just to be safe. However you should avoid these cheap earbuds and here are reasons why.

Sound Quality – this is the most important factor to have in mind when you are buying your earbuds. After all, you are buying the earbuds so you can enjoy great quality sound when listening to your music or audios.

Most of the cheap earbuds are just copies of other high quality earbuds from renowned brands. They copy the design aspect but are unable to use the same quality parts that are used by the premium brands. You therefore get mediocre sound quality even when you are listening to high fidelity music.

When you use cheap earbuds they might sound okay to you especially when you have nothing to compare with. If you get your earbuds from a reputable brand you will hear the difference that you have been missing. The sound will be crisp clear and you will also enjoy very good bass. The earbud is supposed to give you quality sound to avoid ear fatigue.

Build Quality and Features – another important thing that you will get with premium earbuds is build quality. The earbuds are made for active living and therefore it is imperative that they have a stable build to last you long.

For instance, if you are getting earbuds to use while working out then you should get those that can resist sweat so they do not short out. Premium models come with an IP rating so you are sure they are sweat resistant. Some expensive models are made of a metal trim so you can be sure you are getting durable earbuds.

Cheap earbuds do not come with any useful features that enhance your listening experience. If they are wireless for instance they should have a battery that lasts long. Some of the cheap earbuds in the market cannot even last a couple of hours before they require recharging while some expensive models besides being sleek can last for 12 hours.

How about using an app to locate your earbuds in case you lose them or controlling them from an app? There are those that come integrated with voice assistant.

Proper Fit and Comfort – this is the other area where premium models do win against their cheaper earbud counterparts. A good earbud should fit comfortably and stay in even when you are engaging in intense physical activity.

Good earbuds have a soft and comfortable tip that doesn’t make you uncomfortable after having them on for a while. This is hard to say for most cheap earbuds even when they have some ingenious designs.

Cheap earbuds may seem enticing due to the price and sometimes ingenious design but with them you are losing out on a lot of sound quality and features that make your experience worthwhile.